Thursday, October 6, 2016

a thank you note

my friend

I know you aren't good with words
that's where I casually do better 
given the time ahead I've had 
to state the implicit 

that's my wont 
yours is a good edit 

I first noticed how you did it 
back in the day when you took me 
out of town 
we walked so much that day 

you painted walls 
I brought them down with words

your hands performing what 
your eyes see, things I can't even _
my mouth performing what
my head gets, rock- paper-scissors_

It's been perfection, hasn't it?
not that I'm counting days, I'm not
but I just wanted to say thanks 
for the drinks last night 

for all these rides, the crazy walks
the madness in the lyrics, the rail tracks
and the things one dares not do unless 
the other tags along and bullies you one bit

thank you 

for the city lights, the small town high
the soft mumbles once the rows were done
for smelling my neck and not biting 
for scrapping your knees down with me

thank you for the romance that takes
a mardy bum and a bullet to the gut 
for laughing like a motherfucker 
when it did 

thank you for seeing beyond the gaps
and for your painted fingers 
for every single rotten joke
for getting pissed and a tad smitten

above all for it never, ever, ever 
being quite enough for either 
but contemporarily adequate for both
thank you for our being 

such creeps and weirdos together _  


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