Sunday, May 28, 2017

Kept seeing you in my sleep tonight, dream after dream, stories in one, places that look like your house, a home near the water with a terrace where a blond girl lives but never comes down to greet the guests. She is wrapped with a blanket or a towel of some sort and looks melancholic, or maybe just losing herself in a dream of you without guests. And guests keep arriving with small luggage to spend the weekend, and you organize trips and things for them to do, things that require lots of walking as you tell me. Then you sit down,have breakfast, like the ones we were having, I straighten the runner,  try to steal your attention but it doesn't seem to work till I go wash the dishes and you come from behind me ask me to bend my knees , show me that we click if I do it. And you're always so you, glowing eyes, shinny hair, quiet manners, the one everyone's looking at but can't seem to grasp. 

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