Saturday, May 20, 2017

Headed down to AB for the casual Saturday groceries, there was some panic going on by the sun product supplies  fiftey per cent on a saile , says a lady near the counter or ya  geit one plus one if ya go for the lower shelf tiz officialey summa.... I can't help but listen. I nod politely then head to the back of the row in the line for the cheese and the bacon, I pick up some kiwis thinking how I've seen a meme somewhere contrasting a kiwi fruit to the head of a baby growing its first hair. Then I make for the juice bar and last for those crackers that taste like cardboard but are apparently great for digestion. I get a flashback of us shopping at that crowded supermarket in the misty country, looking around nudging each other like fifteen-year-olds and then going back home where I cooked that inedible food that you kindly digested... no crackers, no baby-head looking kiwis, no sun product supply sales and certainly no AB ladies with their small-town accents... just us _

Soon I'm driving back home and I see these teenagers, they have stolen a cart, riding it into the sunset
he is pushing, she's laughing, they are rolling like mad, hair flowing, they are cawing like seagulls, kiss me now as we're crossing the car park 

tiz officialey summa  and although soon we'll be summering too, although the whole country of mine will be summering, simmering, shimmering and  I won't even care, there is always a voice, steaming like hot bather-bodies covered in super-tan oil, or maybe rolling like a cart down the road  'you are yet to find where you really belong' _ 

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