Sunday, January 8, 2017

to Sparrow

Dear ... Sparrow ... why do you keep coming back here? what are you seeking?
ask yourself that _

I can smell your sorrow. 
Even at a distance… it brings 
the taste of salt… 
as if there’s no difference 
between the thought of you crying 
and kissing tears from your lips.

This is my heart. 

On nights you choose to open it_
beside you in our bed, remember, 
in your bones, 
my mouth against your neck, 
the tether of your hands around my wrists, 
the way we rise and fall 

I’ve gathered every moan 
my skin has ever found in yours 
and keep it in this box. 
All my ecstasies are yours, enclosed. 
This is my heart, 
come closer, rise and fall, 
come inside_ 

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Rick Forrestal said...

Hot thought.