Monday, December 12, 2016


I remember telling her you won't believe what the appropriate kind of dick can do to a woman_  she was so inculpable at the time, she couldn't even unpin the back of her bra in front of me, turn your face the other way she'd say and I laughed_ she was the kind of skittish that gets you understand how perverse she can turn, how capable she is of the greatest inhumanity, the cruelest sort of affection, the one that's not yet ripe_  

I can't feel my face at all 
My teeth, my gums are going numb

Long dark ponytails descended on my back,  what do you want me to do, start running around naked across the room for you to chase, Nah I won't run  _ but I will push you further down and when I bend over your naked legs you'll find out more about yourself than you are bargaining for_ care me to take you for a spin? 

Who are you now? you like to look at yourself in the mirror? what mirrors cannot do is capture the soul... unlike cameras...  mirrors are simply objects, behind the lens there are eyes, the thing is just a medium, are you dirty enough ? if you are you'll see a lot of soul... yes we can baptize it as pudency, let's justify the means; 


[uh-proh-bree-uh m] 

the disgrace or the reproach incurred by conduct considered outrageously shameful; infamy.
a cause or object of such disgrace or reproach.
Origin of opprobrium
1650-60; Latin: reproach, equivalent to op- op- + probr (uminfamy,disgrace + -ium -ium

I stroke a match, held it suspended then tossed it on the floor. Don't worry, flames that small will go away. But you have come here for the arson, haven't you? 
They always tell him off for flicking his cigarette ashes out of the tray. The other day a bloke mentioned it, what a mess he'd made on the coffee table. Please be advised stranger, that is exactly how he cums, it's messy_
My little anarchist_ he doesn't know it yet as he has never made the connection, but I noticed, I see things_ And as were sitting in the middle of the square he looked down below the table next to my feet and said "dear god the pavement is filled with your ashes, all this time you have been tossing ashes down? they're going to tell us off" _ 
Oh, are they ? 
Well now you know a little bit more about me_ only the butt goes into the ashtray, sometimes not even that one_

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Rick Forrestal said...

Love this image, soooo much.
Be happy, be you.