Monday, December 12, 2016

have you been told that you can be forgiven?

what is that? weak knees I hear, shoulders as cold as snowed up skies 
pale white, hands shoved in your pockets, no honey, redemption does
not work that way _ 

what is that? wet eyes, wet lips I hear, arms down? I'm not sorry, I'm 
laughing, you can do better than that darling_ if there is a little shame 
I'm not going to budge_ 

(ding) take it all off, take it to rags and I may reconsider_ and do it slowly
there is only one way to cross a frozen lake, do not run, just pause, just stop 
to look at everything_  you like what I'm doing with my feet? 

(ding) I'm not going to remind you of who you used to be, I'm not going 
to nurture who you will become, I'll cut their hearts out and feed them 
to you_ 

I want you to be who you are when you come to me_ and trust me after
that you will taste like Friday_ like the long, bare neck of time, like 
sea-salt and tequila, longing for lime _ 

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