Friday, December 9, 2016



You are endless, love

you are the moons of Jupiter, 

each eclipsing each other, each 
raising its own tide in me

our song (?)

Like the flocking of birds, 
like the appearance of gravity, 
love is emergent… 
It arises out of circumstances, 
it has no leader but nearness, 
no direction but ours; 
no plan or shape, but need. 
And like the interplay between the birds, 
like the movement of the spheres, 
love can shut the sky_ 

We talked about my taking your pictures, and immediately I thought, one day someone may be looking back at them and find out there had been a particular place in time where "they met again, for the first time" and who knows maybe this someone comes and insists that we both recall every detail_ 

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