Monday, November 28, 2016

the fermentation process

Il est facile, pour quiconque a reçu le pardon, de pardonner n'importe qui... "Cependant certains n'arrivent pas à se pardonner d'avoir reçu le pardon"

(thank you Tristan)

the fermentation process 

they say you are what you eat 
and you may as well have realized 
that some foods
transfer scents on your skin
when your pores dilate
when you sweat, or cum, or cry 
or as you lie in the sheets 
in the darkness of your room 
as you look at the ceiling 
or as your lover gently probes you in their sleep
and do you know that when you've eaten 
your own heart, when you have 
explored the culinary possibilities
of the endocardium, the atriums
and ventricles, the avant-garde 
dish, the gelled little spheres 
that actually burst in your mouth  
transforming your superior vena cava
into a thoroughly surprising sensory
and emotional experience 
when the kind, anaerobic bacteria 
break down its non-starch polysaccharides 
do you know the scent this leaves
on your skin? 

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