Saturday, November 12, 2016

The best feeling in the world is being pulled closer

He kissed me so slowly with an open mouth and every single thing in my body, my skin, my collarbone, the hollow backs of my knees, everything inside of me filled up with light.
_ Kathryn Stockett

That night, I put words in your mouth, 
little words with lots of s's in them, 
lowercase s’s and uppercase S’s… 
and I listened to you saying them 
on the surface of my skin, 
lower and lower in a long line 
until you couldn’t speak anymore 
except with your eyes. 

And afterward, I tasted them, 
all those S-words on your lips 
with their little fishhook shapes 
getting tangled up in mine. It was like 
monkeys in a barrel, or lovers 
lost in each other, unable to 
separate limb from limb, lip from lip, 
word from word.

People think of souls 
like they’re ghosts. 
A soul is not a ghost. 
A soul is a chair, a chair 
where our bodies sit. 
A place that rises in us 
when we need a home. 

I imagine our souls 
share a common arm 
because when I see beauty, 
when I see art that moves me, 
or hear a song that fills me… 
I can feel your hand in mine 
no matter where we are. 

You were caught off guard, 
just a little, simple thing, 
but I saw your soul 
and it was good, it was sweet 
and I couldn’t unsee it… 

I couldn’t unsee it. 
It was like a new mother 
hearing a baby cry 
and her milk comes through her shirt. 
Your soul was like that. 

There’s a man that always catches my bus in the afternoons and he always sits in the same spot (if it’s not taken). He gets on the stop after me and he always reads the same chapter in the same book. As soon as he gets on the bus and sits down he opens his book to chapter 45 which is titled, “And then It began.” It makes me wonder what significance that chapter has to him, and why he is always re-reading it. I may ask him one day, maybe after a few more friendly smiles and polite hellos…

* N.Ks. Jul.4th
somewhere in your sleep 
a dream settled in your hips 
and I heard you sigh
or moan and I wondered… 
how dangerous would it be 
if I touched you… 

if I touched you… 
in that other world of yours 
would my hand ever be mine again, 
or would it always carry your scent, 
would it always be wet 
if I touched you…

if we ever get to hold hands again
tell me a lie
tell me a lie and 
make it wild 
like Jesus running up to the cross 
ready for it_ 


basslauf said...

χαιρετισμοί, χαιρετισμοί.

Setty Lepida said...

@basslauf όμορφοι όλοι !!! καλησπέρα !!!!!!

basslauf said...

αυτό ήταν που σκέφτηκα.

Setty Lepida said...

@basslauf γάντι !!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 το άκουσα στο repeat και έτσι όπως άκουγα σκέφτηκα ότι δεν θα ξεπεράσω ποτέ τη στιγμή των ταινιών που λένε "αυτό ήταν" και τρέχουν να συναντήσουν ο ένας τον άλλο με τη σκέψη "κι ό,τι γίνει ας γίνει δεν αντέχω άλλο" , άσμα !!!! σ' ευχαριστώ πολύυυυ !!!