Sunday, October 16, 2016

to głupie?

to głupie? 

I learned you don't need jest after to in the present tenses. I learned where the months got their names from, and that you don't need to capitalize days of the week. I learned how to count to one million and remember how I couldn't even begin to imagine counting to twenty ... and I still can't build complete sentences unless they're generic. But, darling, one day I will ... and maybe it -again- won't matter, to you, or anyone else ...
and why should it make sense to any of us why we feel what we feel, or why should the world be concerned with any of our stories
and yet we feel and yet stories are written everyday 
mine today begins as follows : his name burns like a spike in my mouth ... 

twoje imię i nazwisko spala jak kolec w ustach 

tak kochanie, jesteś wciąż brakowało  

i to nie wcale głupie 

or as you used to smile when I spelled it ...  at all _ 

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