Thursday, October 13, 2016

the tip

How come, said Laurie, these leaves won't die? 
She was referring to my cacti.
It's quite a mess with other types, you see we've got these flowers outside my house
darkened with time, whenever it rains they glimmer more and now they turned all black
but yours are good as new
do these leaves ever die, like regular ones?

Eventually, I guess.

And how long have you had them ?

It's been some time now, but please don't try to touch them, your fingers are too soft
and these are not exactly leaves, they're spines, they'll sting. 

Did you ever get stung? 

I did. 

And why do you insist on having such prickly things?

I like them, as you said, they're nice and sturdy, sometimes they are bad-tempered too.

Make sure then, when they die .. make sure you bury them real good
you never want a grumpy zombie spine to come and catch you sleeping.

Do you think they'll go zombie on me? 

They will if you allow them to be dead without a proper funeral. 

And what do you suggest I do to be on the safe side ?

I say bury them good if they are dead; if not, then keep them near the window where the sun is warmer.

That said, Laurie picked up her school bag and her books.

I like the tall and wooly one the best, plant it next to the round, velvety one, she urged on her way down the stairs, and place them near the window. Next time I come I'll bring you a pot. 

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