Tuesday, October 4, 2016

nie dotykać

As it happens with all creatures, in humans too, there is an exquisite amount of pain before every major transformation, and as it happens with all open wounds one should refer from touching the transforming human_ S.L.

I know you had your part in it, but I should warn you 
If you must touch, sedate me first 

don't go all curious to see what it is that you've done
what the strokes of your gentle wrists have moulded 

it is too early or too late to edit,  my deft darling
you shouldn't wake me up

when it is done you'll know _ 
for now,  just leave me be in a secluded, shady place

allow for bone and sinew, for the vallecula and reed
my lamina propria is uniform and monolayered still 

and my intentions not yet civilised  

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