Thursday, June 9, 2016


The pile or point is a very important part of the arrow. Of the different shapes in use, the blunt or square-shouldered pile is the only good one. In every respect, even for distant shooting, it is superior to all others; but the greatest advantage it possesses is, that if the arrow be overdrawn, so as to bring the pile on to the bow, it will not alter the direction of its flight, as is the case with all the sharp piles.                                     _ From  Archery, its theory and practice by H. A. Ford, 2nd Edition, 1859 Chapter V - Of the Arrow 

the Mondayest weeks we've had 
I popped the buttons of this shirt 
they say a chested arrow always 
has a tendency to fly to the left 
mine doesn't ; don't know where
it goes or why-but it sure as eggs
sounds as if you've taken one

you ride these trains, these buses 
of yours, snap these nice little 
shots, you looking out the window
slick, partly cloudy _ baby what is
it called? the part when you want
to be honest but break promises?
ever been told it is the safe way?

you wear your  blue like no one 
does, what is it called? when you
lie on the grass and peer out into 
the universe? you said I was the
smart one but I don't think that 
wit has anything to do with love
It's just what people do instead 

quick-thinking is a survival skill
shooting arrows in supple silence
is like when you speak kind words
that compromise my bad wannados 
kind words that swoosh through 
my heart; I can't do what you ask
you said; and to think I was the one

who advised, how you should never
lean in to temptations _ 

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