Thursday, June 2, 2016

note to self

take for example that t-shirt you're wearing
the one with the eyeless, mouthless figure
is it a lady? is it a man? spray-painted sockets
looks hip but it's the loneliest t-shirt a man can wear
does it matter? do eyes and mouths matter?

my friend, who would have thought, I mean look at the
face who's putting on this face, your one eye
is always brighter than the other, its lashes curl
a tad more, your mouth on that side has one
extra inch of sympathy, a mercy of some sort

how do I know, what did I know, as I held
your face in my hands
some of that spray-painted compassion sat
on my throat, don't rub it off on me, I'm a
backsliding cynic, I wanted to tell you; I couldn't

you see it all begins with guts and glory_
some funny will that doesn't care how
human you might be, some disrespect to all
you ever had before me or without me
no grace in that, I know, there are no charities in fucks

but then you find these speckles, these shucks
junctions and juctures, your common cuts
I used to do that too, I do it too _  all toos _
you said it yourself we're very much alike
and I wanted to say "yes, but your hands are cleaner

and my knees are bruised, dirty and mean"
I couldn't _ sometimes I lie still in the dark
wondering if you ever wondered why
why I didn't take you to the backseat
but then what difference does it make?

can't hold a grudge against someone who reminds you
of yourself, can you?

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