Saturday, April 23, 2016

when I introduced myself to you I was improper and vulgar 
that's how I act around the ones that capture my attention 
I come off too rowdy; you were a shattered heart, mushy
proud, a confused little boy with the apetite of a lion and a
slant towards rovers like me, I could read your desires and
your ache, but above all, I could asnwer your questions 
so I was allowed to intervene, you let me completely in 
(you didn't know, but you did)
what are you waiting for? load the chamber, give the cylinder
a spin, drag yourself in the sun and give your legs a shot 
feel the blood running down, smell how fresh the answers taste
you kissed my mouth so eagerly 
I told you I would fall for that, you told me not to, you told me
we're alike, you said my heart was a beaten puppy, a superhero
who had lost his way, helping you find yours wouldn't do much
but it did, didn't it? I showed you what your fatal speed can do 
and you said about a hundred thank yous, a remote wordless
song, threw your cape on my feet and went off to find your
purpose; your last text read thank you for being so gentle 
I smile as I watch you take flight and inch myself in the sun
while marvelous life reverberates all around
ruddy as a slaughterhouse at dawn _ 

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