Monday, February 22, 2016

thing is you didn't say it, did you
sat beside an old guy at the trolley to work
watched the faces and the watches stop
and did it hurt that I left saying nothing
did it mess you up a bit my saying nothing

had your dinner at a dim-lit cafe 
eavesdropped on a couple of  foreigners
in their perplexed, odd language watches stopped
and did it hurt you were there by yourself
did it mess you up a bit being there, all by yourself

see I've had my share of verbicides
had them all neatly distorted inside my mouth
but your name still remains as my private emergency 
does it hurt me to leave you 
does it mess me up a bit leaving you

saw youreslf walking past walkers
your steps sounded like snow
does your having those pictures taken 
make it easier, waltzing off with your strangers
does it keep your stakes high

snap those HDR ambient etches
planning where to go next, making worth it a while
oh I know how it feels when the lights go on and off
how the questions turn sour when you ask them at night
and the non-stop imbroglio of irregulars hams

but did you come with a need for some touching
did you come with a slant towards faith
did you wish for retrieval 
did you ask me to care 
had you asked I'd say..  yes_ 


Rick Forrestal said...

Kind of unfulfilled, kind of wishful,
kind of beautiful.

The photo makes it cold and blustery.

You've got the gift of expressing in stanzas.


Setty Lepida said...

You read so well between my lines and you are right about the photo as well but I couldn't find the one I had in mind. I'm amazed.