Wednesday, September 9, 2015

so many people are so lonely tonight

he is sad because the girl he liked for good
thinks he's too young for her or too .. something

and she is sad because the guy she's been digging
for six years had been too selfish, or too blue

and the girl is sad because her man doesn't care
or is too big a fool to show it

and the boy is sad because his woman is too far
away and too busy being important

and you are sad because you're too left behind
and I am sad because I'm too in love to ignore your sadness

so perhaps it's just the Mondayer Tuesday
and perhaps it's all going to come to place

or we're all somehow connected under this big old blueness
and we find ways to make it work

cause he is friends with the woman
and the boy's friends with me
and the man is friends with you
and the girl is friends with her

and we all somehow got a light that won't go out
to guide us through this lonely, lonely night

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