Friday, July 31, 2015

of you _ of people _

dude _ chill 'em out, make peace, turn
kid _ make it cool, place 'em all where they belong
friend _ play it on, keep that walk, don't burn
lover _ sweeten it, really see, the walk is long
darling _ hallelujah 's a needy fuck but oh so sweet
son _ shit happened, I'm here
boy _ you're the head and the feet
love _ there there, no sorey my dear_

there will be whores dressed up as saints
saints we mistook for whores
but it all becomes clear at the end of the road
by this all saints and whores cosmically abide


Rick Forrestal said...

For a long time
I couldn't tell the saints from the whores
So I stopped trying
That solved so many problems

I love 'em all

Hi You

Setty Lepida said...

I don't try either Rick, that's just a word of caution to those who think they have them sorted out too early, or too wisely ... hi you too teddy ;***