Friday, June 12, 2015

logs past

who is that lonely creature up there / is it me ? / is it you ? / who claws their way out of the hole and sees its end beforehand / I took it personally you know / discussions / discussions / abdominal ultrasounds muttering “get back inside, the light’s a lie” / but I remember there was a time I’d do more / and say more / and be more just because / striking the roof of my mouth to pronounce the words that suited you / flapping / flapping/  inside / you turned me into something else / and now you say you’re so afraid of bats 

one day you are going to look back to what you are now and your voice won't be coming out / at the time you'll be stripped of me and of who I wished us to have become / your shinny smile, your perfect red mouth will shape an "o" and your whiteness will return / the whole room will be blue / the motel will be blue and we'll make motel love / 
I'll twist my arms gently and this cigarette butt will touch your lips/ you will inhale, and I will too/ I will inhale your every scent with my nose pacing up and down your spine/ you'll be smelling of salt/ one day you'll feed me almonds that 'll stick to my teeth and we'll joke about it / I'll drink you wine that 'll stain your ribs/ we'll wake up in the morning and you will be you, I will be me but somehow we won't be just that, we'll be a whole wide new us/ or we/ I'll run my fingers through your temples, and lick the tiny droplets of sunshine from the nape of your neck/ the reason I know all that is because right now there's a huge whole in your stomach that won't fill / same here / same here 


Rick Forrestal said...

Interesting "tower of terror" -- too much to climb up, too claustrophobic.
I'll take the cool, cool river (much more inviting.)
On a more serious note, though . . . your post is mostly sad.
Another time, past memories, sad "missing time" -- I've been there.

Do something fun this weekend, and have a fabulous time.
(Wish I was there . . .)

Setty Lepida said...

Could have denied that but then I've never written a single story out of sheer delight; I have this, silly you may find it, idea, that when uttered, sadness goes on a trial for being the liar who tried to convince us we are weak .. so I guess my Ricky it has to be exposed .. it's a way for us to see through what's real and what isn't. And what would the color of love look like without a hint of cerulean ? after all "caelum" in latin translates as sky and ..heaven.

The loveliest of weekend to you too my darling, I'll be dandy as one can only be :)
Thank you for your love :)