Friday, May 22, 2015

just a perfect day #1

Will you end the ache,

steal away the misery,

and soothe these old scars?
—  Haiku by Tyler Knott Gregson

growing up with this strange desire, carrying it each day he wants to create something that kills him_

He is afraid that he's already shown you too much
   . his mother’s house
   . his childhood self
   . both his hands
   . the nape of his neck
   . and every one of all his silences_

what was that scrape of dirt doing on your hands?
would others elicit answers when they look at your sand-covered fingers, I see soul_
had your palms crawled up some truly horrid need
to find some niche, build life, build love, build man?
have they eaten lies and smiles
picked stories out of dust and house
room by room?

_photos by yours truly_ 

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