Saturday, May 9, 2015

heaven is open fridays

your lips pressed to mine
first fresh 
then numb
and I would argue with anybody
that numbness is a feeling
so overwhelming
that my body gives up
to save itself 
from complete


Rick Forrestal said...

You did me in tonight.
Just when I needed it.

Your post, your romantic lines,
Morricone's overture from Cinema Paradiso, performed (where else) in
San Marco square in Venezia.

Of the cities I've photographed, Venice is my favorite. I love her.

I needed this tonight. Thank you.

". . . pulsing, then numb."
We must be connected. You are so romantic.

Numbness is our defense, I've always thought.

Setty Lepida said...

And I think we always meet the people we need to, my darling Rick. it's like when I look at the photos you take and say, hey that looks like something I would also notice and think worth the shot.
I am so happy you come by and read my lines.
oh and I always wanted to visit venice, what a city !!!