Friday, February 27, 2015

- - - -

We were conspirators,
secret actors,
and I kissed you…
But that is over.
And you, you fade out of sight […]
—  Anne Sexton, from Santa

so we've been to that flick everyone's watching these days
she wasn't bating her breath for the half-finale 
quite the oposite of cheerless her remarks were acute 
they were sadly compatible trying to keep what's to change
those who've had their share of it are somehow prettier than the rest of us 
in how they say things like that
she's now a grown-up, I'm still a meek ol' sheep 
I'm not sure I'll ever come to terms with myself, has she? 
came to ask if she needed my shoulder, if my arm could
engulf all that volume she's drowned
but it was getting so late and I had to go home to the boy
and his father and she really insisted she could walk home alone 

1 comment:

Rick Forrestal said...

Nice post.
Thanks for the glitter, the brutal verse.

I am so tired of the cold,
so ready to thaw.

I start to travel in 2 weeks.
And I'm excited.

Stay tuned.