Sunday, March 9, 2014

the strange creature

is she_ the lone hunter, the mammal of the dog family but not quite
who tips on snowed benches
watch her scuff with the paw and poke with the foot
the little schoffel 
the fox-grape eyed, the mastering-chaos-mustering muscle and bone
what empathy for all your sins she carries
what well-deserving, bickering teeth she's got
lying beside you in the bluish rooms
now go now, choo
the fur will soon be changing into reddish-brown
spring's on the way, muzzle up _ roll up and sail secure_

(for Carol)

photo credit : Bloom in Winter by Susannah B on Flickr 


Rick Forrestal said...


Message to winter:
"Go now, choo!"

I am sooo ready for Spring.

Setty Lepida said...

Me too Ricky !!! Can hardly wait. It's been cold, wet and blue for so long. Ca suffit ! as the French say. Enough is enough ! Let's go spring Kisses and hugs to you too :*