Friday, May 31, 2013


it’s not that you’re forbidden fruit
one way or another you’d be prohibited 
material on some unauthorized space _
perhaps you’d be an ogre of a kind
the one I’d dare trust to make me 
a wild thing out for its kill _ we’d have
each other to improperly offend
with crooked touches that distinguish
flesh from love and fuck from terrible 
it’s not the done thing, you know
I’d keep it shady, you would too _
how many times I’ve thought about you
tactlessly freeing me in every way 
free to refuse me or to make a machine
out of me; limbs and appendages to
serve you well, as I would surely 
and rudely 
defile your sense of woe_ all so perfectly uncouth
to stiffen and to clot _ sour and dark then
dealt out, taken to pieces_ it’s not that you’re 
forbidden fruit, no, it’s we are desperate
we are to enjoy our fury and still endure_ 
rule number one about “off limits” 
we never talk about “off limits” _


alex prodromou said...

(awesome, breathtaking, an avalanche of words that wake certain emotions...)

Rick Forrestal said...

Love this post.
A lot.

Setty Lepida said...

My friends, my dearest boys Alex and Ricky, thank you for your comments and friendship, I always feel such warmth to hear from you both, godspeed and rock on <3