Friday, August 12, 2011

i-phone wallpapers
Photo source :

_ no angles_ no brackets_

_ just mists of your voice moving in me_  

_scar after scar_

_you multiply_

_undressing the woman
console the moloch_

_the caliber can wait_



Rick Forrestal said...

Love this music, these words, this blog.
Sometimes you are irresistible. Come here.
You need to be kissed.

Setty Lepida said...

Awwwww Ricky ! You're so sweet I'm gonna die!!!

Ζωή Φερενικίδου said...

scar after scar, κι ύστερα θα μας τυλίξει ο άνεμος, μόνο αυτός θα μας γνωρίζει μετά από τόσες ουλές, πληγές και χτυπήματα. sad and true at the same time.

Carlito said...

Ναι, μου έλειψαν αυτές οι φώτο σου..
Κάθε μου πέρασμα από εδώ μου χαλαρώνει τον οπτικό μου τομέα!

Arturo Rev said...

I so loooove this post, your words and your pics are always so sensuous ! Happy Day ;)

Abel Tate said...

Good again, the more I read the more I like this writing!