Friday, January 7, 2011

why I refuse to take courses

Neruda wrote...
Juegas todos los días con la luz del universo.
Sutil visitadora, llegas en la glor y en el agua.
Eres más que esra blanca cabesita que aprieto
como un racimo entre mis manos cada día.

when I purchase billingual books to read these lines
to pinch a bit of flesh marked in his words, the pause
the silence he attempts by stressing vowels, the scripta
of his thirst and fear for grey,I know you speak his tongue

no, I am not learning Spanish
no, I am never going to learn

perhaps because I want it to be clear : not everything
stems from your muscle to translate for me the things
I fail to reach_ perhaps because I need him to have spoken
of all the things I try to salvage from your grasp;


lila Braga said...

I love Neruda!!!... great post today!!

Carol P. said...

Hello, dear!

I just came to say, in so brief words, that I loved your blogspace, the pictures, and the way (fluid and amazing) you write...

I really wish you all the best, you feel so talented, and I appreciated your words a lot!

You're so so so welcome on theartbrazil blogspot, right? Come over to my place whenever you want, have time, mood and patience to... Let us share, that's the most important thing, huh? I'll be so honored to have you here, on my blog!

Congrats on your great path, and cheers!

Carol P - Melinda - Theartbrazil :)

herocious said...

I like this.