Thursday, January 20, 2011

Η έκθεση «Παίγνια» της Χριστίνας Κάλμπαρη θα παρουσιαστεί στη γκαλερί Μπαταγιάννη από τις 3 Φεβρουαρίου ως τις 4 Μαρτίου 2011  /  Christina Kalbari's exhibiton "Games" will be on the Batayianni Gallerie from February 3, to March 4, 2011
Source : ELC mag. Greece

Pain? Nah...
What you're experiencing is more like a lethargic unresponsiveness, spreading from your toes, to the nails and the pumice, steadily working it's way up to your spine and throat;

You're lying there with you face against the mud, goosebumpey but not cold, with a mildly metalic taste of dirt and grass in your tongue; the air's going sour... and then sweet (?) you're feeling warm and blessed, and you're starting to wonder whether this is the feeling the ol'boy was talking about, the one brought by pot smoking, or weed chewing...

Like sequences from a broken video camera, images come and go
a baby Halloween pumpkin left on your doorstep / 
small feet stepping off a green, rusty schoolbus /
a cell phone vibrating on the table /
wine-glasses lined up on a white linen cloth /
the number 1080 on a post-it, secured to the fridge door with a no-fear magnet /

Then there are sounds
" she's so high-igh-igh, high above me ... " (the song faints) /
the swootch of a match on a matchbox /
waves ebbing and tiding /
a fart /

You think , there should have been something more specific, something more relevant to the state you're in, beloved faces, your ex, your dog... and things that have come to circumscribe the reason you have been viewing life as it it; things like your first kiss or something;
But no;

- Are we there yet?
- Are we there, wher... Dad, what are you doing here, are you even supposed to be... wait ! Am I... ?
- Yes son I'm afraid so_
(Dad was always the one breaking the bad news, "Son, we're moving / Son, your mother's passed/ Son, the envelope arrived and it's too thin... ) SHIT !
- But it can't be, I haven't even said goodbye, to anyfuckingone !!!
- Had your chance, no?
- Yeah-ha, but how was I supposed to know?
- Son, you weren't, that's the whole point _


Alee. said...

What a nicely well-written poem :)

Setty Lepida said...

Thank you Alee, much appreciated :)

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Thank you friend:)
I am very glad you liked it!
I loved your blog, I followed him not to lose sight of her: D
big hug and thanks.

RHEA said...

Are you from Greece? I'm impressed about how you write in English! This is very good <3


Setty Lepida said...

Oh Rhea you're so sweet, thank you :)