Monday, January 3, 2011

139 Wapping High Street

you're probably wondering now
if I can still recall the address
so vibrantly, why I never came
to visit that first home of yours_

truth is I did, and stood before
the door like an idiot with my
hands burning from the cold
and my jugular throbbing like

the engine of a boat ,wondering
about the warmth inside, and the
music coming from upstairs, and
the smell of your bedroom and all that

I thought "there,there, everything will
be okay now, you'll both grow comfortably
closer, besides you've come all this way
the best possible things can happen;

he's probably feeling a bit lonely here
perhaps he's missed you more than
he casually declares _ and in the evening
you could go grab a bite at River Spice

or anywhere nice, and talk of things
you knew were there, but you chose to
silence, and make the love that is
impossible in any other time and place;

his hands will deftly trace the strips
of your skin that bounce in his every move
painfully horny, or lovesick in a suffocating way
or god knows what else can come out of it"

so what happened? you'll ask, because
as far as you're concerned I never
stepped my foot in that city, let alone
at 139 _

I chucked
I was too easy; fearlessly flying miles,
and then? I'd get a bonus mercy
round for my trouble? no dear;

I  loved you so brutally back in the
day, I had to move this darling baby's arse
away from there and beat her to death
with a woman's hand_


Les said...

Dunno if the story's for real Setty, but if so, then you should have stuck around to see what'd have happened. I never did and still can't forgive myself.

Setty Lepida said...

Oh Les, don't go regretting things... I don't, I think there are turning points in life, and some of them prove to be the match point really; Thank you for dropping me a line, come back any time :)

Ariadne said...

Great post.

Clare Welsh said...

"jugular throbbing like the engine of a boat"