Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the world is a vampire

we've compromised

the laissez-faire of your hands
has turned to some odd kind
of art
distant, questionable even vain

we've collapsed

the laissez-passer of my mouth
has turned to some dirty kind
of trick
outwitted, overly played, a prank

and check this out
suspended amongst verbials
"I can't" "I won't"

some lip service is required
for us to pass
that wretched litmus test
of "is there something worth saving?"


la mì said...

wonderful images!


Ario Achda said...

hey, thanks for double- comment on my post :)

you have lots of great and inspiring images. really curious of what u really look like. these words are cool, so poetic :)

btw, i guess ur my 70th follower as well. a charm for both of us! :)

Dreas said...

And love is its werewolf mate