Tuesday, December 14, 2010


when we left  you thought we'd never return
and it felt good; there was a lot to be done
we had time and  great chances of success;

now it's starting all over again; you've come late
they've come early, you speak low, they sound like
a fat progeny of frogs rribbittt this, and rribbittt that...

you stand by the door, watch them kissing, a glockenspiel
of cactuses rubbing their edges against one another
waving to someone they think they've recognized

you think of your schoolyears, man they were bad
those kids of a stomach that could diggest everything
strong enough to keep them in a state of hybernation

for you to discover how they haven't changed a bit
a full size callus that glows under the ice intact
welcomes you back to the planet of the apes;

S  h  i  t   !

1 comment:

Sodis said...

I hate reunions too