Monday, December 6, 2010

of prayers

a blogger lodger
a youtube archiver
a steam blocker
a pirate bay cracker
a twitter chatter
a facebook loner
a google account sweeper
a yahoo account swinger
an e-bay shopper
a flickr poser
a tumblr lover
just to name a few
make me guess
the big boss' secretary 's
not as busy anymore


Anonymous said...

Finally what they are and what about me???Skins for ever. OMERTA.

Dreas said...

You forget to mention the skype partner! Nice one S.

Setty Lepida said...

He, he ! Guess you 're right Dreas, thanks for dropping by !!

Annemarie said...

in one word: isolation :)

Andri Alba said...

I liked it. Interesting.


Sophie Golden said...

The media fuck ups - that's what I call those people and myself too :/