Wednesday, December 29, 2010

if your phone doesn't ring, it's me _

( in propria persona )

you've aimed for the unfeasible
a kind of reciprocity distasteful
to a friend; at least the kind of
friend I wanted to be; you know,
the one who shares time and jokes
and a few fun moments all very
specific in tone, a list of do's and
don't's when it comes to how you
can handle me;
and boy! wisfulness does sanctify
desire_ you must have thought
that my effect would be more like
a dose of mefenamic acid against
rheumatoid arthritis, right?
okay, I guess I am that good !!
but hey, now that your wish is
granted, right now that I can be
all yours, why don't you pick up
the damn phone?


KcomeKarolina said...

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Irena said...

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