Friday, December 31, 2010


My dear friends, thank you for your kind words, your links, your support, your tolerance, your sense of humor, your guts, your good vibes, your advice, your critisism, your ideas, your being different, your inner strength, your inspiration, your taking me to places I'd have never imagined, your being there, your staying here, your tunning in, your joining, your laughters, your tears, your whims, your making me feel like I belong.

H A P P Y    N E W    Y E A R   2011 ! ! !


Rick Forrestal said...

Nicely done. And I am excited about the future.
Love your blog. Happy New Year.

Rick Forrestal said...

Thanks for your comments. YOU are really something, Setty . . . very positive, very fun. Great design sense, too. I'm really glad I met you, and your blog.
I'm not at all down or depressed about the Kodachrome thing -- just will miss my "old friend". Great film.
Nothing stays the same, have you noticed? I'm looking forward to 2011. I won't have a blog for 10 days, as I'm flying off to Bogota, Colombia, for a photography assignment. No internet. I'll check in when I get back.


kostas said...

Happy New Year,enjoy your life.

durbansweatheart said...

hey thank you for following. happy new year!

Menina Encarnada said...

hi, thank you for your comment, my blog is in Portuguese, the name batom encarnado its red lipstick in english, its about make up, fashion and stuff, you can translate it on google if you want :) thank you***xoxo