Sunday, December 19, 2010

a few steps away

do you want me down there ?
with your loans and exchange rates and the awful, old men
catching colds as they wait for their fortunes to grow?
I can always drop by, bring you cheesepies and coffee
be as pleasant as tidings, but hey
do I want you up here?
with my books and my photos and the silly old tricks
turning phrase after phrase for a book never published
You can always reply to my lines and my letters
be as pleasant as tidings, but hey...


Anonymous said...

But would you want me up there?

Setty Lepida said...

Hmm, why did you ever pose that question I must wonder, but yeah, I would... I guess... well come up and we'll see how things work (??)
I'm kidding, actually the poem is about vicious circles, but it's a great observation, thank you stranger;
Next time you visit my blog though, please insert a name, as the URL is optional. Just saying :)

Salha said...

This is a great post!! :)