Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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The World is Gray - Original Signed Fine Art Photograph by ELLE MOSS

You've always chosen your words carefully; But your actual first words to me - and I don't mean the hello's and goodbye's, and those I'm okay's and what's shaking's - were : it's going to be complicated

There was some significant time spent on how to tease out that relentless denial of yours; is it something I've said, done, failed at? Is it your past? mine? Is it the blues, the reds, the yellows? Is it my timing? yours? probing, rummaging around - ten years of complicated_

Fancying 's for free though, so I visited your body; there should be hints, wounds, some sort of spool from which the cylinders of your will revolve and evolve, perhaps some undisclosed jungle of joy, digesting accidental touches, three-hour long-distance phone conversations, until you'd be ready to make me sick with revelations of how complicated turned to not as complicated _

Shit! what a waste of resources_


Anonymous said...

Welcome to my life kinda poem, cool !


Anonymous said...

Jeesh - Been there !Godspeed with that :)

Steve Correy, Seattle