Thursday, October 14, 2010

photo shoot

Put one hand against the wall, with your other touch your stomach _ raise your shirt, stare through the window_ Think cool, think “gone”, think loss, think secrets _ secrets you keep_ secrets you don’t yet know_ there is damage below damage; damaged is sexy_ Think James Dean; now grin; press up against the glass; determined _

Now there’s a girl who screams your name, who makes way, a girl you danced with at a party, at the awards, she’s remote; looks puzzled; asks “who are you, really?” then there are more; women of unknown names; everywhere you go; it’s earsplitting; Think “whoa”; You’re overwhelmed; bit jaded; half-open your mouth; gentle _

Look straight into the camera, think of your part; the plot’s too thick, runs too deep; you’re taken for someone you are not_ and people ask, always ask, for more; your face is in shadow move forward, show some skin; belt off; lose the t-shirt; think sex _ your cheekbones pulsate, as if you’ve been pumping iron all day long, you’re breathless; pleased; heated; hot; _

Final shot _ guys, we’ll be taking this outside; look away, walk on; stop_ there; Think big, think accomplished; There are people amongst people, everyone speaks of you; You’re motivated, they’re in awe; someone asks: «do you ever get so lonely up there?»_ Great shot; strong, luminous eyes almost wet_

Hold on a sec, why so sad? Why do you stand so still?


Anonymous said...

I like your writing, too bad I can't read the rest.

Anonymous said...

Gyllenhaal pic rocks ! is the poem supposed to be for Jake?

Setty Lepida said...

Not quite, but I really like Jake, and the specific pic. Perhaps that's how one may feel though. Thanks for the comments people.