Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It seems that in nearly every one of our chicago peeks lately, the homeowners mention shopping at post 27 – so we’ve all been curious to get a little peek into the home of post 27 founders – angela finney-hoffman and barkley hoffman. post 27 opened in 2008 – the store pair mid-century vintage pieces with locally sourced accessories made from reclaimed or repurposed materials. angela has a background as a furniture designer and she has used her well-honed eye to give many of the objects in the store a “new life.” as in the store, the couple’s home also reflects their mutual love for vintage and appreciation of local artists and designers – and did i mention that they have a motorcycle? how cool is that? {thanks, angela & barkley!} -amy a.
[We live in a hundred year old "brick tank" bungalow in Berwyn IL, just shy of the Chicago city limits. We're collectors who are inspired with spaces rich with books, texture, oddities and curiosities. Color also plays a big role, as well as unmatched or unexpected pairings of objects that feel bright but not overwhelming. Not to mention our love of art, we're so lucky to have friends who are talented artists & designers whose work has made its way into our home. Many thanks to our team at Post 27, including, Margot Harrington for helping us make this peek happen! -Angela and Barkley]

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jesse and alex moved to new york in the same week in august of 2006, met while working at the same restaurant, became friends and two years later started dating. this is their first home together and a compromise of their two aesthetics and personalities. jesse teamed up with her good friend emily to start gold teeth brooklyn, a greeting card, fine art print and jewelry line, based out of a corner (that can expand) of the apartment. meanwhile, alex is a welder and works for uhuru, a furniture company specializing in sustainable, well designed pieces. he also works alongside a friend building custom bikes, and with a great eye for design and detail has built many of the furniture pieces and shelves around the apartment. enjoy the full post below, and click here for additional images. {thanks jesse and alex!} -anne

[above: The loft building we live in used to be a garment factory. It has these overly varnished wood floors to cover up years of wear, high ceilings with exposed pipes, and all of the windows in the apartment run along one wall. We get wonderful light in the afternoons that allows for long hours of printing. Emily cut and hung the pennants when we had our housewarming party and we loved them so much that they had to stay up! We've decorated the place with a mix of new/clean and vintage/playful pieces. We both love collecting objects, and Alex builds beautiful shelves on which to display our many treasures.]

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