Friday, March 26, 2010

Room with a view by Jacqleen Bleu


    The Great Splash

     Your intentions, up yours

    With a prompter in every cellar window, shy people would have the last laugh

and my
few lines for the day

you never used to write back
I kept on sending all these pages
one every week
three,four, eight-paged memoirs
then one per month
one every now and then
on birthdays

you _ unfair
you_  wordly
you _ moving
missing mail
calling appologetically to give your new address
arm-streching to reach for strangers
feeling there is something terribly wrong
about fucking replying

that's okay I guess
you just don't do letters
as I just don't do ol'friends
who call and ask me how about that coffee
who have i-phoned their round-the-world-in-80-days
and would like to share it on my facebook wall
who remember me a writer, sure_

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