Friday, March 5, 2010

Riego van Wersch’s and the unbearable lightness of being

Interview & text by Apostolos Mitsios for Yatzer

Is loneliness a higher state of mind? Do we all stand alone, despite the illusions of proximity and love? What would a stranger think if he spied us from a distant corner? We have the questions, but Riego van Wersch seems to have the answers as well. Riego is a 37 years old photographer that lives and works in Paris. His photos have a touch of calm sadness, as if something was about to happen and at he same time they stand still. Accidental encounters, small details that hide a story behind them, streets full of individuals that carry their personal drama, the power of space and architecture and their impact on human psychology, they all form part of Riego van Wersch’s unique universe...

Source: YATZER
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